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York Virtual High Street was set up in March 2020 as a response to the COVID19 pandemic and its effect on footfall in our shopping areas of York. However it is intended to help support these areas well into the future, after lockdown has ended, by encouraging local shoppers away from large online retailers and towards local businesses. It is estimated that over £40m was spent on Amazon, alone, in 2019 by people in the York area, so we would like to divert some of that back into our local economy, supporting jobs and helping preserve the look and feel of our city centre and high streets.


If you already have a shop page set up click here to visit the Retailer Login and Information page.


To have a shop page on our site you will normally need to have a physical presence on our shopping streets, either a shop front or a market stall except in some instances, for example, where there are gaps in product lines. 

If you would like to sign up as a retailer you can do so via the link below. 

How Does It Work?

A shop page on is very similar to having your own online shop. You will have a seller login, which takes you to your seller dashboard so you can upload products, view and manage your order listing, etc. You can have an unlimited number of products and up to 100 variations of each product. We can help you get set up and we have instructions to help get your started.

Sign Up for a Shop Page

To request a shop page you can sign up here.

Prices - Christmas period Nov-Dec 2020

The site is run as a voluntary organisation by people who love our city, so we can keep the costs as low as possible, however, that does mean we need to ensure we can cover the costs of providing the website.

Physical Retailers 

For physical retailers during our temporary reopening for Christmas 2020, we ask for a donation of £20 towards our running costs.

You can also buy extra marketing, including our 'seller of the week' on the home page or enhanced listings for your shop or a product, Facebook targeted advertising, newsletter marketing etc.

Payment fees - 2.9%+30p (Paypal rate) or less.

Commission Rates 

For physical retailers, commission for the Christmas period is free.


Local Online Businesses

Local businesses without physical shops can apply to join. This plan requires you to upload products to the site.

Christmas Membership £20

Commission Rates 5% plus card processing fees (except for products where demand is high and not met by physical shops, speak to us for details)



Stripe Connect - instant and automatic. 

Manual Payments - for retailers who do not sign up for Stripe Connect, your site income will be deposited into your bank, or transferred to paypal, by the end of January. 


If you have any further questions please send us a message via the Contact Page.