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York Virtual High Street was set up in March 2020 as a response to the COVID19 pandemic and its effect on footfall in our shopping areas of York. However it is intended to help support these areas well into the future, after lockdown has ended, by encouraging local shoppers away from large online retailers and towards local businesses. It is estimated that over £40m was spent on Amazon, alone, in 2019 by people in the York area, so we would like to divert some of that back into our local economy, supporting jobs and helping preserve the look and feel of our city centre and high streets.


If you already have a shop page set up click here to visit the Retailer Login and Information page.


To have a shop page on our site you will normally need to have a physical presence on our shopping streets, either a shop front or a market stall except in some instances, for example, where there are gaps in product lines. If you don't have a shop but you supply shops or cafes with your products, you can also work with an existing shop on our site to sell your products through them, subject to our approval. We have also opened the site to local musicians, who can sell merchandise and be promoted in other ways.

If you would like to sign up as a retailer you can do so via the link below. We will assess whether your shop meets the criteria. If your site doesn't currently meet our criteria that may change in the future depending on product and service gaps, or there may be promotional opportunities where you can be involved.

How Does It Work?

A shop page on is very similar to having your own online shop. You will have a seller login, which takes you to your seller dashboard so you can upload products, view and manage your order listing, etc. You can have an unlimited number of products and up to 100 variations of a product. We can help you get set up and we have instructions to help get your started.

Sign Up for a Shop Page

To request a shop page you can sign up here.


The site is run as a voluntary organisation by people who love our city, so we can keep the costs as low as possible, however, that does mean we need to ensure we can cover the costs of providing the website.

Physical Retailers

The prices to physical retailers are as follows:

Page set up - £5

Basic monthly membership - £4 (after two week free trial period)

Payment fees - 2.9%+30p (Paypal rate)

Commission Rates

  • Essential food and drink, medical - 0%
  • All other items - 2%

There will also be a chance to buy marketing bolt-ons, like requesting a Facebook post to be created and turned into a sponsored post, getting a featured marketing email sent out. or having a product featured on the home page. All retailers get an introductory post on Facebook and are promoted in the first available marketing email, plus other opportunities for free online exposure. 

Local Musicians

Local musicians can either pay the same rates as the retailers (see above) or, they can select the zero membership plan, so if no sales are made no money is due. The zero plan does not include links to your own site/shop.

Page Set Up Fee £0

Basic Monthly Membership £0

Commission Rates (includes payment processing fees) 20%

Minimum order value of £3.50 to account for the fixed element of the payment fees. For example, if you sell a CD for £10, commission and charges will be £2. Shipping can be charged to the customer, unless you choose not to. If you need to change to a different plan (for example, you are selling a lot of merchandise and it would be more cost effective to be on the usual retailer plan) there will be a way to shift plans.

Musicians will get the chance to do Facebook live performances and promote their online events with us. 

If you have any further questions please send us a message via the Contact Page.