Retailer Payments & Instructions

 Welcome to York Virtual High Street at, a local initiative to help York retailers during the COVID19 pandemic. Use this page to pay for your page set up and membership fees.

Instructions for setting up Shipping rates are at the bottom of the page, but if you have any problems please get in touch and we can do it from our side.


Page Set Up

Page Set Up Fee - £5


All shops need to pay the set up fee. If you need help with uploading products, please contact us and we will organise some assistance. If you already have a shop with uploaded products, please choose option 2 in the memberships.


Membership Subscription

The first 14 days are free of charge. 

Option 1 - £4 per month

Shop page without link to your own online shop, all products uploaded and sold through 



Option 2 - £8 per month*

Shop page with link to your own online shop.  



You can hold off from signing up for your membership fees until your shop is up and running on the site. There is no minimum term, so you can cancel your membership at any time. Your shop will remain active until your latest membership payment has run out.

These are our introductory rates to launch our site and will be subject to change in the coming months. Anyone can donate to help support the site as well and this will help increase customer traffic to the store.


Commission rates

These commission rates apply to products sold through this site. Commission is taken off before payment is sent to the seller. Payment to seller happens automatically through paypal.

Essential Food and Drink* Vendors - FREE

All other Items - 2%

*non alcoholic drinks and standard food stuffs, until further notice.


Card Payment Fees

Credit and Debit card fees are  2.2% + 20p for Stripe Payments and 2.9% +30p for Paypal.


More Options

We will also have opportunities to raise the profile of your shop and promote your products, for example, to sponsor listings on our regular newsletters and have your products featured on the home page. The offers will be in your Member Newsletter once we set that up, so make sure you are receiving our emails.

Funding and Expenditure

This website is being created by volunteers and is intended to be a not-for-profit venture. That will be formalised over the coming weeks. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have skills you would like to offer then please get in touch. Income from set up fees, membership fees and commissions will allow us to reinvest in social media marketing to drive customers to the website.

Payment for Orders

Currently, payments will be made on Monday and Thursday, by Paypal or Bank Transfer. In the future we will be moving to automatic payment after each order is fulfilled. There will be a lag of around 4-5 days to allow payments to clear into our account.


Delivery: The default is free local drop off delivery but you can also add shipping or offer both shipping and free local delivery. 

Please click here for instructions for setting up shipping rates.

To also offer free local drop off delivery you will need to activate the Store Pick Up option in the Configure menu option, and change the labels to read 'Free Local Drop Off'. This will give buyers the option to select local drop off. You'll also need to add a location (use your shop address) that the website will consider your inventory to be located. Please get in touch if you need help with this option.

Images: Please use a square image with minimum 185x185px for both the seller image and shop logo. 

Collections and Tags: Please don't add your products to any collections for now. We will do that when organising the navigation menu.

Any problems, just get in touch and we can help.