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Payment for Orders

For the Christmas relaunch, payment for orders will be made in January unless retailer has signed up for Stripe Connect, in which case it will be instant. Stripe connect will be launched in the week commencing 9th November.



Delivery: The default delivery options is free local drop off delivery (shown as Free Delivery) but you can also add shipping or offer both shipping and free local delivery. 

Please click here for instructions for setting up shipping rates.

To also offer free local drop off delivery alongside shipping you will need to activate the Store Pick Up option in the Configure menu option, and change the label to read 'Free Local Drop Off'. This will give buyers the option to select a free local drop off. You'll also need to add a location (use your shop address) that the website will log as where your inventory is located. Please get in touch if you need help with this option.

Images: Please use a square image with minimum 185x185px for both the seller image and shop logo. 

Collections and Tags: Please don't add your products to any collections or give any tags for now. We will do that when organising the navigation menu.

Stripe Connect: To set up your seller account to receive automatic payments you need to configure Stripe Connect. Login to your seller dashboard and go to ORDERS > STRIPE CONNECT CONFIG then click Add Account to Stripe and login to your account. Follow the instructions to connect your account. Payments from customers will automatically be sent to your stripe account, minus the card processing fees.


Any problems, just get in touch and we can help.