Retailer Instructions

This page contains resources for setting up your shop page and managing your products, shipping, orders and more.


Customize Shop Page

If this hasn't already been done for you, please add all the relevant details as follows:

Seller Name: Your name

Seller Shop Name: Business name, as will appear on the shop listings page

Seller Photo: This will appear on the shop listings page, so please make it your shop logo or a photo of your shop front. Please make these images square.

Shop Logo: This will show up on your shop page.

All address details should be your own. Phone number is for admin use only and won't be shown to customers.

Cover photo: This image will show up at the top of your shop page. We recommend this image is 1200px wide. You can crop into a larger photo to make a 300px tall image. the default image will be used if you don't add an image. You can email us the image to resize if needed.


Delivery and Store Pick Up/Local Drop Off



Products Listings

To add a product, login to your seller account and select Products > Product Listings and select Add Product. Enter your product name and select relevant type (eg goods). Write a description of your product. If you are going to ship products, add a weight (this allows the shipping costs to be calculated). Enter the price. Leave the option 'charge taxes on this product' unchecked, as your prices should be inclusive of VAT. If you have a limited number of stock then select 'Track this products inventory' and then enter the number of products in the first location box. Select if you are happy for customers to continue ordering if the product is out of stock.

If you have a product with variations, like size, colour etc, then click on Add Variant. Enter the Option Name (eg, size) and in Option Value add the name of each variant, separated by a comma, eg Large, Medium, Small. If you have another variation of all these options, like colour, click Add Another Option and give it a title (eg colour) and add the variations again, separated by comma. Click Save.

You can add details to the variations by clicking on the three dots at the end of the first variation line and click Edit. That will bring up that specific variation so you can add a title, a photo, weight, price etc - any variation details that are relevant. If you scroll down you can select other variations and do the same. Save you product.


Viewing and Fulfilling Orders

You can view all your orders on Orders > Orders Listing. Orders will say Fulfilled or Unfulfilled. Click on the three dots on the right of the order line entry and click View. You can see billing and shipping address, items ordered, postage paid and customer email. When you've sent the item, click on Fulfil at the bottom of the page.


Receiving Payments

Presently, all payments are sent manually by the site admin on Monday and Thursday. You will need to enter your Paypal account email or your bank details in Profile > Payment Details. You'll be paid the net seller amount, which is the total amount plus shipping, minus commission and card charges. In the future, we will be moving to automatic payments either after order is paid for.



Please check your email inbox for any customer emails, or emails from us, which could be forwarding on emails from the customer, in case they have sent any further information, like delivery instructions or personalisation requests. Customers can contact your via the Contact Seller button on your page.