About Us

What is Yorkhighstreet.com?

Yorkhighstreet.com is an initiative that was launched when it became clear the COVID19 pandemic was going to devastate our high streets. To protect our local city centre, a team of volunteers decided to recreate the city centre economy, connecting local shoppers with local businesses. Although it has been set up on this time of crisis, we expect it to support local retailers in the future as well.

Why should I sign up as a shopper?

Local people can sign up as a shopper and, in doing so, will receive regular newsletters with special offers, promoted shops and products, prize draws and more. We hope to persuade you to spend your money locally even if you're not going out as much, or not at all when shops are closed and people are ordered to stay home, rather than go to online giants like Amazon.

I have a local shop, can I sign up?

Yes, we are encouraging local shops to sign up to the website, either requesting a shop page to customise as their own and add their products to, or to set up a shop page with a link to their own online shop. We ask for a small page set up fee (currently £5) to help cover our costs, and after a 14 days free membership you'll be charged £4 a month. We charge just 2% commission on products, apart from food and soft drinks, which are commission free. This will help to cover our costs and give us funds to reinvest in marketing the site on social media to make sure we are always the first choice people make when they want to shop online.

I have an online shop but not a physical shop, can I still sign up?

Right now we are prioritising the 'bricks and mortar' shops that shape our city centre and shopping streets, as they will have continued overheads even without the customers to serve. If they don't survive, then our city will look and feel very different in 2021. If you have an online business you can still sign up and we will let you know how we are going to proceed with other businesses, mostly to fill gaps in the product lines that our high street retailers don't fill.

I offer services, can I have a page?

For local businesses like hairdressers, beauty salons, etc, where you operate a customer facing shop in the city centre and have a website for booking appointments then you can sign up and get a page with a link to your website. Please sign up as usual and we will be in touch.

When can I start buying from you?

You can start buying products now. Either navigate via the menu at the top of the website to browse through the available shops and their products, or click on the bold category heading to see a selection of those products. You can also browse all products.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my order?

YorkhighStreet.com acts as an intermediary to connect you to the local business. All order queries, refund requests etc should go to the relevant shop. To contact them, go to their shop page and click on 'contact' to send a message.

How do I get my items?

Local drop off will be the default delivery option, but if an item needs to be posted the seller will be in touch. Items that may need to be posted out to you will state this clearly on the product description. This will most likely apply to small, low price items. Drop off delivery will be done without contact with customers, so please be prepared for items to be placed on the doorstep and for the person delivering the item to remain 2 meters away when you answer the door.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page. Thank you for your support and we hope this will make a real difference to local retailers.