Vegan Self Isolation Treat Bag

Vegan Self Isolation Treat Bag

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Vegan Self Isolation Bag

Filled with our Vegan Society Registered Dark Chocolate Favourites, this is the perfect chocolate self isolation treat, either to enjoy yourself at home, or to send to that special someone letting them know you care! Let the chocolate do the talking for you!

Each Bag Contains;

1  x 90g Chillli Dark Chocolate Bar

1 x 90g Orange Dark Chocolate Bar

1 x 90g Rhubarb and Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar

1 X 90g Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar

1  x Lime & Seasalt Dark Chocolate Buttons

1 x  Peppermint Dark Chocolate Buttons

1 x 30g Classic Dark Chocolate Bar


Please note for any York deliveries, that this will arrive in a paper carrier bag, so if you would like a box, please do add a note to say so.


For ingredients see each individual product on back of pack.


Dark chocolate contains Soya, and may contain milk, nuts and wheat